SUREX MULTIPURPOSE DISINFECTANT, was developed based on ammonium fifth generation quaternary, this being the generation of ammonia Quaternary more effective and efficient against viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeasts. The formulation of SUREX MULTI-PURPOSE DISINFECTANT, was based on studies carried out by the EPA of the United States of America (Environmental Protection Agency), where different types of disinfectant agents and their effectiveness and efficiency against SAR-Cov-2, a virus that causes the disease known as COVID-19. This formulation was tested at concentrations of 300 at 500 ppm, yielding very positive results, since at these concentrations this quaternary ammonium mixture removes SAR-Cov-2 in 1 minute of contact.

This product is packed in Gallon HDPE and packed in cardboard boxes with 4 gallons